At Luxe Livings we deal in Luxury Wallpapers, Drapery Hardware, Luxury Furniture, Blinds & Interior Solutions.

What we believe in :


I want to walk into a space that makes me sigh! The spaces should be designed in such a way that it speaks to you with volume and personality.

Art talks

Nothing can replace the timeless appeal of original art. Exquisite pieces of art can hold an entire space together.

Touch of unapologetic glamour

Glamour needs no justification. Every living room should have a hint of glamour – need not be loud; just a touch of Venetian glass can change the look of a room!


Let your experiences and travels talk

There is no substitute to personal style. Your living room should reflect it in the things that you pick on your travels!

Dare to differ

There is nothing more boring than the black dress syndrome. Do not follow the herd. Do up your house differently. Paint a wall in a deep mahogany!

And Finally

Find your own inspiration

Fashion, art, life – everything is a stimulus. One is inspired by books, clothes, fashion shows etc. This inspiration should be brought in to your rooms.