With names such as B-A-N-A-N-A-S ! and Mustachio it soon becomes apparent that Arte’s Flavor Paper collection is truly unique. This bold collection, with a touch of irony here and there, is inspired by various movements and social trends: from pop art and Van Gogh, to classical (and slightly less classical) floral prints. Arte surprises in an amazing way with these designs. These walls do talk!

The bold prints in Arte’s Flavor Paper collection stem from a unique collaboration. Arte joined forces with Flavor Paper, an American company that specialises in handmade wallpaper depicting extravagant prints (in partnership with external designers such as Kravitz Design, the singer and artist Lenny Kravitz’s design studio). For Arte it was love at first sight: the world just had to see Flavor paper. As such the designs perfectly supplement Arte’s product range.

Expertise and innovation by Arte
The Belgian producer of wallcovering selected fourteen designs which they converted into a rotary screen printing version, to then globally distribute via its own distribution network. In combination with Arte’s premium production quality, technical expertise and innovation, these exuberant prints result in an exceptional product under the brand name Flavor Paper for Arte.

Who doesn’t like a bit of pop art? In the 1950s art became far too abstract for many people, and a counter reaction evolved. Pop art pieces therefore often depicted everyday objects, television figures or even advertisement items, often linked to the mass consumer society, yet without any deeper significance. Irony played a big part in this.

B-A-N-A-N-A-S !

Boost your interior with a vitamin B shot! Available with a white or – literally – glittering chrome background.

Cherry Forever

A pop art classic. The white or high-gloss silver background makes the design even more irresistible.

Sharp Descent

Sharpened walls guaranteed. The infinite range of razor-sharp falling objects draws everyone’s attention.

These seemingly straightforward prints have a surprising twist. The one design appears to be a cheerful floral pattern, and the other a classical damask pattern. But there is more to this than meets the eye ….

Vigilant Floral

You’re being watched! Security cameras are to be found everywhere nowadays, even in the most unexpected of places. Humour clearly played a key role when creating Vigilant Floral.

City Park

A classical damask pattern subtly interjected with urban elements, such as parking meters, fire hydrants and – of course – a few rats.

Snake Bit

The inspiration for Snake Bit came from the Arizona and New Mexico deserts. You see, these areas are often strewn with all manner of animal skeletal remains. Nonetheless, he managed to create a rich, complex pattern, like a composition of delicate jewels.

Floral prints in contemporary and classical formats. There are austere patterns and contrary to that very sumptuous drawings. One thing though is unwavering: flowers, the real deal or as a source of inspiration for all kinds of interior highlights, introduce dynamism and vibrancy to the home.


This supersized ode to Van Gogh’s renowned irises presents a breathtaking floral realm.


The stylised jungle flora of the Feroz pattern hides monkeys and jaguars peering out from their natural habitat.


A pattern jam-packed with Japanese cherry blossoms. Minimalist, functional, yet cheerful.

Flower of Love

Art Nouveau meets 1960s psychedelia. This alluring pattern appears to be full of gnarled roots in the quest for water.