Back to the Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties: the decade that will forever be known for the rise of radio, cinema and jazz music. Fashion is provocative and interiors more opulent than ever before. Fast-forward to the present day, where the luxurious new palazzo style is an unstoppable trend. We see many typical Twenties elements making a comeback, although in contemporary form. That combination of new palazzo and the lavish style of the Twenties forms the inspiration for the Insolence collection.


Fil-à-fil wallcovering with a soft velvet touch. The design is based on an authentic drawing from the beginning of the 20th century, but in a very modern version. The colours are striking and contemporary, the pattern itself is faded, giving it a bleed effect.


The fil-à-fil effect, which is woven into the core of the product results in a truly unique plain wallcovering. You can see this very well by looking at the back. This technique makes the textile effect on the wall very realistic.

Shiver & Swing

Inspired by the flamboyant Charleston dresses! Fringes are literally everywhere again: in fashion, jewellery, handbags and in modern interiors. Make your choice of non-woven with a realistic textile effect (pattern Shiver) or authentic fil-à-fil with soft velvet touch (pattern Swing).


A modern herringbone inspired by the Gatsby style, with a fine line in metallic gold.


A trendy interpretation of the classic terrazzo floors, which are undeniably making a comeback in our interiors.


This design fits perfectly into the layering trend. The pattern is simplistic, but you can look at it for ages. Which plane came first?


A design inspired by classic, wrought-iron collapsible lift doors. You can still see them occasionally in hotels in the heart of Paris.